Sunday, March 20, 2011

Down the Aisle on an Isle

Congratulations “TRAVIS and CHERIE”, our first reality show couple Married Feb 27 2011 @
Koolau Ballroom and Conference Center!!!

To all participating Vendors for our first Reality show “Down the Aisle on an Isle” MAHALO for all your support. The Show will air over 40 times in April starting April 2 Saturday: 2:30-3:30pm & Sunday 4-5pm w/ each vendor averaging 17- 90 minutes of television airtime to strut their stuff thanks to OC16, Exclusively on Time Warner Cable!!  Awesome exposure for all of you!!  Stay tuned for more info as we get closer.

Below are 2 of the 16 vendors featured on this weeks show!!

Jerry Omo of Hawaiianpix Digital Photographic Services

Darcie Wharton of Royal Weddings by Lavender and Gabe Gongob of Royal Entertainment               

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals
Hawaiianpix Digital Photographic Services and
Royal Weddings by Lavender/Royal Entertainment

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #15 – Hawaiianpix Digital Photographic Services and Royal Weddings by Lavender

Against the background of Waialae Beach, Kahu Kalehua Featheran welcomes Jerry Omo of Hawaiianpix Digital Photographic Service as his first guest.  Jerry started 8 years ago, primarily photographing weddings, but has since grown his business to also process and print photos for himself and for 40 other photographers from the islands and the mainland as well.  The ability to process and print typically results in a quicker turnaround time for prints and albums to be completed and this is a great service for newlyweds who are anxious to see their wedding day photos.

Jerry calls his photographic style contemporary classic and he explains what this means during the interview.  Although he suggests doing the formal photos ahead of the wedding ceremony, when hair, make up, dress and flowers are fresh and new, he also respects the wishes of the traditional couples who choose not to see one another before the ceremony. 

Photographic packages are available on Jerry’s website, and he is available for in person or phone consultations with couples.  Jerry also mentioned that his wife retired from the Air Force after 21 plus years of service and so Hawaiianpix also offers a 10% discount to military personnel.  Mahalo Hawaiianpix for this offer!

Kahu Kalehua’s second guests are Darcie Wharton of Royal Weddings by Lavender and Gabe Gongob of Royal Entertainment.  A multi-faceted company, Darcie and Gabe offer services in wedding coordination, DJ and sound, candy bars, favors and invitations.  As the first wedding coordinator for the upcoming 2011 Hawaii’s Wedding Professional’s reality wedding mini-series, Kahu Kalehua and the HWP cameras followed Darcie as she worked with one of her couples who got married at the end of February.  Some of Darcie’s many responsibilities as a wedding coordinator are to meet with the couples, help them with their needs, including working out a realistic budget and pulling everything together for them to have a memorable wedding day.  To do this, Darcie meets with her clients and goes through a series of questions to better understand and help them with their wedding plans.

Gabe has been a DJ for 18 years and has a library of thousands of songs of all different types.  With his many years of experience, Gabe is able to read the crowd and provide just the type of music that would get them tapping their feet and up on the dance floor. 

In this day of single parent families and people working multiple jobs just to make ends meet, a wedding coordinator often takes the place of or relieves some of the work that would ordinarily be handled by family members.  Also, because Royal Weddings by Lavender can provide so many different services, Darcie and Gabe offer discounts at each spot.  For example, if a couple retains Darcie as their coordinator and Gabe as the DJ, there is a discount extended.  With the ordering of invitations from Darcie or a candy buffet, additional discounts are added on, and this is their way of helping the couple to have a wonderful wedding day and get a little break in the cost.  Mahalo Darcie and Gabe!!!

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