Sunday, March 20, 2011

Show #31 Matea Island Weddings, Trade Winds Photography

 Debra Schonewill, Matea Island Weddings

                         Tracy Tegarden, Trade Winds Photography      

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #31
Matea Island Weddings and Trade Winds Photography

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #31 – Matea Island Weddings and Trade Winds Photography (Maui Edition)

In this second to the last show coming from Maui, host Kalehua Featheran greets two very warm and gracious wedding professionals – Debra Schonewill of Matea Island Weddings and Tracy Tegarden of Trade Winds Photography.

Just minutes away from Kahului Airport is Kanaha Beach, the backdrop for many of Maui’s beach weddings and the site for Kalehua’s first interview with Debra Schonewill of Matea Island Weddings, who helps couples design the wedding of their dreams.  Originally from Colorado, Debra has been a Maui visitor since the 1980’s and 15 years ago, she decided to make this island her home. 

She has been a successful interior designer for 25 years and because she likes to continuously grow, she got into the business of event planning and designing dream wedding.  In helping couples with their plans, Debra feels a wedding planner can really take the stress out of this special day and create an event for the bride and groom to relax and enjoy.  A wedding planner is also particularly valuable to a destination couple because the bride and groom need to only deal with one person, who in turn, works with the vendors and wedding professional.

Debra has done some traveling herself and so she is able to help couples with weddings in exotic areas such as Tahiti and Australia.  As Debra says it’s great to be in this business because you can help people make their wedding dreams come true while also creating lifelong friendships with some great people.

Kahu Kalehua’s second interview takes place in Makena at Honua Kai Lani with guest Tracy Tegarden of Trade Winds Photography.  Upon graduating high school, Tracy began doing photography as a hobby.  In the mid-90’s, he had a chance to move to Maui and studied for 2 years before starting his own business.  Tracy does wedding and other photography on all islands and in many countries.  In fact, Kahu Kalehua and Tracy first met when Tracy had come to Oahu to shoot a wedding.

Tracy likes to have the wedding couples meet him so they can “talk stories” and he can learn what they’re looking for in terms of their photographs and what do they want to do on their wedding day.  He watches how they interact and looks for ways to capture these moments while just having fun and enjoying the day.

Kahu Kalehua comments that Tracy’s photograph has a certain unique look, although he can’t put his finger on it.  As Tracy explains it, every photographer has their own niche and they eventually find their way to it.  Tracy’s photographs are shown throughout the interview and viewers can see why Tracy is such a great choice when selecting someone to preserve your wedding day in photographs.

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