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Show #32 Live Maui Webscasts, Harpist Tatyana Shapiro

 Stephan Boeker, Live Maui Webcasts

     Harpist Tatyana Shapiro      

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #32
Live Maui Webcasts and Harpist Tatyana Shapiro

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #32 – Live Maui Webcasts and Harpist Tatyana Shapiro

This is the final show of the series featuring Maui wedding professionals.  Host Kahu Kalehua Featheran and the crew traveled to the southern end of Maui, to a beautiful place called Honua Kai Lani in Makena.

First guest, Stephan Boeker of Live Maui Webcasts came over to Maui from New York City about 11 years ago.  Seeking a change, he move to Paradise, and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  Stephan started by doing wedding photography and then began dabbling in video because he kept hearing the bride or groom saying, “how I wish mom and dad could be here”.  He looked for a way to fill this need and as the tools to do this started becoming available, he got into the business of live streaming weddings. 

Kahu Kalehua commented that lots of local people relocate to places all around the world and so this business is not only for destination couples, but for local couples, too.   Stephan recently did a wedding on the north shore of Maui for a bride from California and a groom from Samoa.  He said people living anywhere where there is reasonable connection and reasonable band width can see the wedding ceremony live.

Stephan meets with the couples and asks them if they want it live streamed or on demand?  There is a time difference so in some places, being a live broadcast is not as important; for others it is.  Also, a chat room can be set up so those viewing the webcast can also be talking to one another.  For couples who only wish to have certain people viewing the webcast, passwords can be provided to keep it private.  In Stephan’s best package, he provides the live webcast, it streams worldwide live or on demand, it can be viewed at a later date from the archives, the couple gets a fully edited DVD which includes interview of the couple abd guests.  The differentiating factor between Live Maui Webcasts and others is that Stephan likes asking deep probing questions of the bride and groom so when they watch the DVD years from now, they can see and hear what they were thinking. 

The lilting sounds of White Sandy Beach being played on the harp fills the air as we open the next segment.   Kahu Kalehua says that the harp, when played at weddings has such a feeling or ambiance for the bride to walk down the aisle.

Tatyana is originally from St Petersburg, Russia.  Her father was a professional opera singer and her grandmother a good pianist, so musical ability runs in the family.  When she was 6 or 7, she was already playing the piano and at 10, she got interested in the harp.  Tatyana also lived for many years in Los Angeles, where she performed as a concert harpist, while also doing weddings and other events; she has also played in an orchestra and pop and rock bands.

The harp is an ancient instrument, seen in olden day Egypt and Israel.  It was reserved for very special ceremonies of the temple; a very spiritual and pure instrument because there is nothing between the fingers of the musician and the strings.  The old harps were simple and small; the modern day harp has 7 pedals and these function as the black keys on the piano. 

Tatyana was married herself on Maui and she thinks it is the most beautiful place to get married in the Hawaiian Islands.  It can be taken to the beach or any place; she also has a smaller harp for when she can’t transport the big harp.  She always meets with the bride and their most popular choices of songs are the Bridal March by Wagner, Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, Canon in D and the Hawaiian Wedding Song.

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