Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #26 on OC16 - Kuhina Hawaiian Weddings and Blessings and Dellables

The Pu (conch shell) calls us to the opening of the show and now Kahu Alalani Hill does an oli komo or welcoming chant as the cameras pan the skyline of Iao Valley.  What a magnificent location for such an opening!  Thus, we open the second of our shows featuring Maui’s Wedding Professionals.

At Host, Kahu Kalehua Featheran’s request, Kahu Alalani explains the significance and purpose for the welcoming chant.  Basically, it is to call on the highest power, whatever that name may be to bestow a blessing on all present.  Kahu Kalehua also adds his perspective of how as Polynesians, they believed they had dominion over the land but they didn’t own it, they were caretakers.

Kahu Alalani Hill of Kuhina Hawaiian Weddings and Blessings
For viewers, particularly those who may not be familiar with Hawaiian culture, Kahu Alalani explains the cloth that she wears, called a kihei, as well as the lei Kukui and their symbolism.  She also shows how intricately woven are the ti leaves or Kupe’e around her wrist and the lei po’o or head lei.

Kahu Alalani offers different types of wedding ceremonies and regardless of the couple’s beliefs, she is able to put together a traditional or ancient Hawaiian ceremony for them that respects the cultures of all involved.  She will also involve the ohana into some aspect of the ceremony.  Kuhina Hawaiian Weddings and Blessings is able to help couples and their families with wedding ceremonies, receptions, full service coordination, entertainment and documentation (photography).

Kahu Kalehua’s second guest is Della Peacock of Dellables.  In 1996, Della shares with Kahu Kalehua that she was painting children’s furniture and she loved working with their colors and textures.  She began working with a friend in the floral business, and soon found that she had a passion for working with flowers. #

Della has great business concepts:

· If you do what you love , the money will follow

· She does everything she can to fulfill the bride’s request, but if it can’t be done, she will get creative

· The blooms in her shop are always given great care => so are her customers

· She is inspired by her brides and enjoys meeting with them and getting to know them before creating their unique floral arrangements and bouquets

Della Peacock of Dellables
In keeping with the local traditions, Della will often have the moms, sisters, cousins, aunties all working with her to create the centerpieces and other floral designs for the bride.  How great is that?  And, throughout the interview, viewers will see colorful and unique arrangements that will give them ideas for their own weddings and receptions.

Show times are as follows:
Premier – Friday at 6:30pm (pre-empted by Christmas Mele)
Saturday at 12:30am and 1:30pm (pre-empted by Christmas Mele)
Monday at 5pm
Tuesday at 6am and 2pm
Friday at 9am                           

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