Sunday, March 20, 2011

Show #28 Masako Formals, Island Wedding Gallery

“Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals” partners with Masako Formals and Island Wedding Gallery along with its vendors!!

Kalehua and “Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals” TV show, is proud to partner with Masako Formals and Island Wedding Gallery and it’s Vendors with an exciting strategic plan to promote and increase business activity for it’s vendors for both local and destination weddings through television, radio, and print both locally and mainland (west coast) for 2011 with a reach of 450,000 homes 6 times a week on OC16 to start, and 2.4 million homes (once a week) on the mainland, plus a lot more!! This is huge!! Mahalo to all who made this TV show a success. Now more and more viewers are watching!!

Reality show “Down the Aisle on an Isle” is scheduled to air on OC16 starting April 2011. One of our reality couples saved over 57% of their entire wedding package, valued at over $17,000, a savings of over $9,500, while vendors participating get a huge promotional package on OC16, 2=3 weeks in a row, 5-7 times a week!!

Wedding couples save up to 60% off your Entire wedding expenses.  Wedding vendors and wedding planners save up to 80% off costs for television, live streaming and 24/7 viewing access via OC16. Join us!  If any of your clients would like to participate or perhaps you know of any wedding couples who would like to be on the reality show, let me know!!

 Geanelli Lewis, L’amour Bridal Boutique
 Rhonda Faleafine, A Royal Hawaiian Affair

Teri Leilani, Entertainer  

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #28
L’amour Bridal Boutique, Teri Leilani and A Royal Hawaiian Affair

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