Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #24 on OC16 - Patrick Ching Arts Naturally Hawaiian (Kauai) and Wellnessbridge (Oahu)

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Aloha wedding couples, wedding planners and other interested vendors.

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This show combines the last of the Kauai guests with a guest from Oahu.  Host Kahu Kalehua Featheran first greets old friend and alumni of Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals, Patrick Ching.  

Patrick Ching - Naturally Hawaiian
With his Naturally Hawaiian Gallery in Waimanalo, Oahu and Patrick Ching Arts Naturally Hawaiian in Princeville on Kauai (between Lapperts and Foodland), Patrick finds himself frequently traveling between the islands.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Patrick was a ranger at the Kilauea Lighthouse on Kauai and observed how much the people of Kauai appreciated their wildlife.  As an artist with that same appreciation for wildlife, he creates wonderful paintings of birds, sea animals, livestock and also scenes of familiar and favorite places that are commissioned by his clients.

Patrick also teaches art classes throughout the Hawaiian Islands and around the world.  His ideas are sent in a flash from God and sometimes the inspiration may be stored in his mind for years until it’s ready to be put onto canvas.  In Hanalei Revisited, Patrick’s premonition actually came true.  This painting is about the Hawaiian Nene Goose.  Once found on all the islands, this bird became nearly extinct, with only a few survivors on the Big lsland.  In the 1980-90’s, the Nene was re-introduced to Kauai and because there are no mongooses on this island, the birds did well and are now thriving.

Waimanalo Promise is a painting that is a favorite of Kahu Kalehua.  It was commissioned by a client to commemorate the location where he proposed to his girlfriend.  Na Pali Sunset was painted for a couple who spent their honeymoon in this scenic area.  For brides and grooms who are looking for a unique way to remember a proposal, marriage or honeymoon site, why not gift your significant other with an original painting from Patrick Ching?

Brandy Sinoto of Wellnessbridge
Brandy Sinoto is Kahu Kalehua’s second guest.  She owns a business called Wellnessbridge, with offices in Kukui Plaza.  A student of holistic health, Brandy helps people to lose weight quickly, easily and holistically.  While the usual recommendation for losing weight involves dieting, exercising, and other methods, Brandy puts everything together to bring about a change in lifestyle.

Briefly summarized, people have an automatic and manual way to remove calories from the body.  Exercise is the manual way.  Metabolism is the automatic way but in many people, this way has “fallen asleep”.  Brandy’s method wakes up the metabolism from day one.  Her clients lose 1 to 2 pounds per day with a client losing as much as 90 pounds in 9 months.  When her clients drop their weight, she then works with them on toning.  Brandy receives calls from brides and grooms who are looking to lose some weight for their special day and she is happy to help them.

There are several ways to contact Brandy.  You can go to her website and watch a video of her and then call the phone number listed or you can click on the “Free Consult”  button to receive a free consultation after answering a few questions online.  You can also find her on Facebook as well as visit her in the Kukui Plaza building.

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