Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #25 on OC16 - Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners and Ghiselani Designer Wedding Cakes (Maui Edition)

Kalehua and “Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals” TV show, is proud to partner with Masako Formals and Island Wedding Gallery and it’s Vendors with an exciting strategic plan to promote and increase business activity for both local and destination weddings through television, radio, and print both locally and the mainland (west coast) for 2011 with a reach of 450,000 homes on OC16 to start and 2.4 million homes on the mainland, plus a lot more!! This will be huge!! Contact Kalehua for more information!! (808) 554-9215 Mahalo to all who made this TV show a success. Now more and more viewers are watching!!

Maui’s Wedding Pros start airing on our show over the next several weeks!  Plus, our new reality show called “Down the Aisle on an Isle” scheduled to air on OC16 starting March 2011. One of our reality couples was able to save over 57% of their entire wedding package, valued at over $17,000, a savings of over $9,500, while the vendors participating get a huge promotional package on OC16, 3-4 weeks in a row, 5-7 times a week and no repeats!!

Wedding couples – save up to 60% off your Entire wedding expenses.  Wedding vendors and wedding planners – save up to 80%   off costs for television, live streaming and 24/7 viewing access via OC16.  Join us! .  If any of your clients would like to participate or perhaps you know of any wedding couples who would like to be on the reality show, let me know!!

With this show, host Kahu Kalehua Featheran and crew introduce wedding professionals from the island of Maui.  Over the next few months, viewers will get to meet wedding pros from the Valley Isle and see some of the scenic sights on Maui.

Tori Rogers of Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners
The first Maui wedding professional is wedding planner Tori Rogers, owner of Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners.  Tori has been visiting the Hawaiian Islands since 1978 and has been in wedding planning since 1998 when she planned her own wedding in 1999.  With a history in event planning, Tori was a natural in this field and she was encouraged by many of the wedding vendors to do this as a profession.  Although she thought it was a crazy idea to do Hawaiian weddings from the mainland, the experience and knowledge of both geographic locations enabled her to have a unique outlook, which has resulted in a successful business for her.

When she works with a wedding couple, Tori begins by asking them for their vision of how they would like their wedding to be.  She then personalizes this vision and incorporates family and friends into it.  One of her questions to the wedding couple is, what are the 5 most important words that describe your wedding and the 3 most important elements (within the budget).  In her experience, she usually finds that family and friends are first, then food and beverage and finally fun (entertainment).  Tori will ensure that the venue will be able to accommodate everyone who is being invited to the wedding and reception and then finds the best vendors who will fit the couple’s personality.  The result – a truly enjoyable and memorable day for the bride and groom!

Marie Audant of Maui Cake Store
Kahu Kalehua’s second guest is Marie Audant of Ghiselani Designer Wedding Cakes (also known as Maui Cake Store).  Marie has a charming French accent, and is originally from Haiti in the Caribbean.  She has lived in Maui for over 20 years as well as lived on Oahu for a short time.

Marie’s cakes are made from scratch, following old family recipes.  She can bake cakes for clients who have special dietary requests such as vegan cakes or cakes with no sugar for diabetics.  Her signature cake is a Chocolate Decadence cake made from 3 types of chocolate and 3 different types of filling.  Marie also arranges for cake tasting with her couples and offers 36 different flavors.  Just hearing her describe the cake makes you hungry for a slice.  And speaking of slice, Marie’s cakes are so moist that a slice of cake will stand on it’s own and not crumble as other cakes may.

Marie’s most beautiful wedding memory is the marriage of Jaret Wright, pitcher for the Atlanta Braves.  And for a local couple, Junior and Rona’s 600 guests enjoyed a satellite layout of 12 cakes with a castle on the top of a cake.  When you visit Marie’s website, you can see photos of the many and varied type of cake designs – all original and beautifully done!

Show times are as follows:
Premier – Friday at 6:30pm
Saturday at 12:30am and 1:30pm
Monday at 5pm
Tuesday at 6am and 2pm
Friday at 9am

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