Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #19 on OC16 - Weddings By Kalehua!!

Aloha wedding couples, wedding planners and other interested vendors!!

Mahalo to the isle of Maui and the Maui Wedding Association!! Approx 40 Wedding Pros will be airing on our show over the next 2 months along with our Kaua’i Ohana!!, plus our THIRD couple for another brand new reality show called “Down the Aisle on an Isle”.  It is scheduled to air on OC16 starting March 2011 with bigger surprises to follow.  If any of your clients or you knows of any wedding couples who would like to be on the reality show, let me know (see below in pink for more info).

Wedding couples – save up to 70% of your entire wedding expenses.  Wedding vendors and wedding planners – save up to 90% of costs for television, live streaming and 24/7 viewing access via OC16.  Hopefully, you’ve seen our show and see the quality and value in it.  Starting early next year, in addition to OC16 we plan to air the show on the west coast, once a week reaching 2.6 million homes for our destination weddings through ION Media who owns and operates the largest television station group in the US, reaching 98 million homes.  Join us.

As the camera opens on the first scene of Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #19, we see what appears to be a young Kalehua Featheran rehearsing his introduction.  Fast forward 31 years after commercial break and we see Kahu Kalehua Featheran, as a guest rather than the host of this week’s Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals.  And, who is the mystery guest host?  Tune in and find out!

On the air since January 2010 as host of Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals and on OC16 since July 2010, we hear Kahu Kalehua frequently asking his guests to “tell us a little bit about yourself to start” at the beginning of their interviews…and this interview also begins with Kahu Kalehua talking about his growing up days in Kailua, his family, and his entertainment career.

As the interview progresses, we hear Kahu Kalehua’s stories and opinions about:

His extensive background in the entertainment industry as a musician, singer, and entertainer

How this entertainment background lead to and now blends in with his work as a Kahu or minister and organist at Aloha Ke Akua Chapel in Kahaluu as well as weddings all throughout the Hawaiian Islands

The process where an individual may be ordained as a minister and how he helps them to obtain their authorization to perform marriages in the Hawaiian Islands

Hear Kahu Kalehua’s opinions about gay/lesbian marriages and commitment ceremonies

Some of the information that he covers with couples who engage him as the minister for their wedding ceremonies

One of the last interview questions that is posed to Kahu Kalehua is how does he counsel people who are thinking about divorce.  His answer, especially because of who the mystery guest host is, becomes a very personal conversation which Kahu Kalehua shares with his viewers.

As a mahalo to the viewing audience who have supported his show for so many months, Kahu Kalehua is offering a special 2 video camera, along with 2 videographers, including editing and  (1) DVD valued @ $1000.00 for up to 65% or more off?!!! – to get the details of this exceptional offer, tune in and then call in to reserve a date.

Kahu Kalehua also thanks Stuart Kalehua Featheran Jr (videographer), Sam Owens of Samowens Unlimited (videographer and editor), Ricardo Shima (editor), Wally Honma and Eileen Abe, all of whom participate in getting each week’s show ready for airing.  Finally a big mahalo to everyone at OC16 for their support and the opportunity to air Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals on OC16.

Show times are as follows:    Friday at 4:00pm
Repeats: Monday at 5:00pm
Tuesday at 6:00am & 2:00pm
Friday at 9:00am

Want to be on the show, let me know!!

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