Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #21 on OC16 - Charity V Photography and Alana's Island Events

Aloha wedding couples, wedding planners and other interested vendors!!

Mahalo to the isle of Maui and the Maui Wedding Association!! Maui’s Wedding Pros will be airing on our show over the next 2 months along with our Kaua’i Ohana!!, plus another brand new reality show called “Down the Aisle on an Isle”.  It is scheduled to air on OC16 starting March 2011 with bigger surprises to follow.  If any of your clients or you knows of any wedding couples who would like to be on the reality show, let me know (see below in pink for more info).

Wedding couples – save up to 70% of your entire wedding expenses.  Wedding vendors and wedding planners – save up to 90% of costs for television, live streaming and 24/7 viewing access via OC16. Starting early next year, in addition to OC16 we plan to air the show on the west coast, once a week reaching 2.6 million homes for our destination weddings through ION Media who owns and operates the largest television station group in the US, reaching 98 million homes.  Join us!

Starting with this show and continuing for the next 3 to 4 weeks, Host Kahu Kalehua Featheran and the film crew travel to Kauai to chat with wedding professionals on the beautiful garden isle.  Each island has its own unique characteristic and Kauai is well known for its many scenic and natural settings and the site for the Kauai interviews are no exception

Charity Vasquez – Charity V Photography
Kahu Kalehua opens the show with Charity Vazquez of Charity V Photography.  Charity has been doing photography professionally for only 3 years, but her photographs are so unique and outstanding that you would think she’d been doing it for years.  She got into this field because she was frustrated when looking for someone to take photos of her family; there was no one she felt comfortable with.  For this reason, clients who hire her will find that Charity strives to show the wedding couple for who they are, their spirit and so when they look back on the photos many years later, they will still feel the emotions of their wedding day.  To do this, Charity will meet personally with the couple and go through a client questionnaire with them, as well as interview and get to know them.  As she says when looking for a photographer, the couple needs to love the style of the photographer and be able to get along with them since this person is going to be spending a lot of time with them on their special day.  Even with destination couples, Charity will arrange a phone meeting with the couple.  Charity’s approach to pricing is also personalized.  When she meets with the couple and gets to know them, she will design a package just for them.

Amazingly, when Charity does wedding photography for a couple, she will post 10 to 20 edited photos by the next day on her blog; a “sneak peek” for the couple, their family and friends.  Then in 4 to 6 weeks, she will have the rest of the edited photos on-line for the couple to view and make their selection from, and then she will send a completed CD of the photos.

Kahu Kalehua thanked Charity, as well as next guest, Alana Brun and Patrick Ching for their hospitality while on Kauai.

Alana Brun – Alana’s Island Events
Alana Brun of Alana’s Island Events is Kahu Kalehua’s second guest.  Alana contacted Kalehua, gathered a group of wedding professionals together for the filming and handled all of the paperwork involved in the filming process.  A mahalo to Alana for her support and help from Kahu Kalehua!!!

In the business for many years, Alana emphasized the importance of the couple having a wedding planner to help them with their wedding plans.  Although most couples know about the big picture items, Alana will help them with all of the details so that their wedding day will go smoothly, with the least amount of stress and tension.  Her goal is to ensure that the bride and groom as well as their parents enjoy the wedding day and her role is often to act as a buffer between the couple and their family members when planning becomes challenging.

In answer to Kahu Kalehua’s questions, Alana says that the most popular question from a wedding couple is about the budget.  She helps the couple out by making a list of all the things they want to have for their wedding and then pricing everything for them.  Then, they sit together and ensure that the important items are included in their plans and if there’s room in the budget, then they can add the extra things.  Alana loves it when the couple tells her what they want and then leaves it up to her to make it happen.

Show times are as follows:    Friday at 3:30pm (just for this week)
Repeats: Monday at 5:00pm
Tuesday at 6:00am & 2:00pm
Friday at 9:00am

Want to be on the show, let me know!!

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