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Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #22 on OC16 - 22 Degrees North Restaurant and Keoni's Limo

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Aloha wedding couples, wedding planners and other interested vendors.

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Todd Oldham – 22 Degrees North Restaurant
On this second show featuring Kauai wedding professionals, host Kahu Kalehua Featheran greets Todd Oldham of 22 Degrees North Restaurant and John Jacoby and Aquarius Kalama of Keoni’s Limo.

Kahu Kalehua’s first guest is Todd Oldham, General Manager of the 36-acre Kilohana Plantation in Lihue.  Owned by the Gaylord Wilcox family, this plantation was once 22,000 acres and it maintains the ambiance of the easy going lifestyle of old Kauai.  It features eateries, artisan galleries and many more shops of interest.

22 Degrees North Restaurant is a 100% farm to table establishment on Kilohana Plantation.  The menu is Farmhouse Eclectic – 20% of the produce is grown on the property with the remaining produce and all of the protein (except for chicken) grown on Kauai.  Additionally, Todd explains that the President of the Company was born in Alaska and grew up at a time and in a place where nothing was wasted.  So, the wine bottles, for example, are cut and shaped into water glasses; leftover clean cardboard are die cut into coasters – this is one company who not only talks about going green but actually lives it.

For weddings, there is an on-staff wedding coordinator who can help couples plan their wedding ceremony and reception for 2 up to 950 guests.  They can pick from several scenic venues for their ceremony and them enjoy a fabulous wedding reception with appetizing and beautifully presented food.  Whether you’re a wedding couple or not, plan to visit Kilohana Plantation when you’re visiting Kauai and check out the many shops and sites there.

John Jacoby and Aquarius Kalama – Keoni’s Limo
The next time you want luxury transportation to LAX as well as a pick up at Lihue Airport, call Keoni’s Limo.  Ten years in business at Van Nuys Airport, John Jacoby, owner of Keoni’s Limo is now developing his business in Kauai.  He knows the business well, having worked as a driver himself.  In addition to the stretch limos, Keoni (the Hawaiian version of John), also has Lincoln town cars and SUVs in his fleet.

Joining Kahu Kalehua and Keoni in the interview is Aquarius Kalama.  Born in Hana, Maui, Aquarius has lived on Kauai for 20 years and is a new driver and on-site manager for Keoni’s Limo.  As a local resident, Aquarius is knowledgeable about the islands and enjoys teaching his passengers about Hawaii.

Keoni’s Limo features a Red Carpet Package for wedding couples, which include champagne service and a “Just Married” sign.  And, be sure to watch this show to find out how Keoni handles couples who don’t want to see each other before their wedding ceremony…

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