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Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #18 on OC16 - Kalena Paty Photography and Yummy Cake Delights !!

Aloha wedding couples, wedding planners and other interested vendors!!
This month we are filming on Maui, plus our second couple for the reality show called “Down the Aisle on an Isle”.  It scheduled to air on OC16 starting March 2011 with bigger surprises to follow.  If any of your clients or you know of any wedding couples who would like to be on the reality show, let me know (see below in pink for more info).

Here’s what our show can do for you.

Wedding couples – save up to 70% of your entire wedding expenses.  Wedding vendors and wedding planners – save up to 90% of costs for television, live streaming and 24/7 viewing access via OC16.  Hopefully, you’ve seen our show and see the quality and value in it.  Starting early next year, in addition to OC16 we plan to air the show on the west coast, once a week reaching 2.6 million homes for our destination weddings through ION Media who owns and operates the largest television station group in the US, reaching 98 million homes.  Join us!

We are proud to sponsor our third professional on Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals, Kalena Paty Photography for the month of October.  We are pleased to sponsor them with $6,700.00 worth of advertising on our television show on OC16 and will continue to support other companies or individuals by offering them sponsorships too!!

Show times are as follows: Fridays at 6:30pm
   Repeats: Mondays at 5:00pm
     Tuesdays at 6:00am & 2:00pm
      Fridays at 9:00am

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #18 – Kalena Paty Photography and Yummy Cake Delights

Kalena Paty of Kalena Paty Photography
Host Kahu Kalehua Featheran and first guest, Kalena Paty are seen sitting in front of a surreal backdrop of Kaneohe Bay…the water looks as though it’s been photo-shopped into the video, but it is the real ocean!  Kalena Paty was one of Kahu Kalehua’s first guest on Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals.  Back then, in addition to her photography business, the HWP cameras got a tour of her family’s Tropical Farms Macadamia Nut Outlet on the windward side of the island.  Recently, Kalena was named an Elliot Scholar by Pacific University, her alma mater.  This honor means that Kalena will be a speaker at Pacific University, sharing with students, what it takes to succeed in photography.  Congratulations Kalena!

Kalena’s photography style is photo-journalistic.  She tries to capture the candid moments of her subjects, whether it be a wedding, birthday party or any special event.  In fact, Kahu Kalehua’s grandson celebrated a first birthday party recently and Kalena was there to record the moments.  He observed that as she circulated among the guests to get their photos, that she had a friendly and warm way of interacting with all of the people, setting them at ease and getting a great shot of them as a result.

Rather than offer different packages, Kalena prefers to customize a package for each client.  She asks questions like how long would they require a photographer’s services, how many locations are involved, would they want more than one photographer or if there are any special moments or needs.  While charging much less than other photographers, she still provides a quality session and quality work.  Her reasoning is that she asks herself, “what would I be able to pay for a photographer” and she doesn’t feel her clients should be struggling financially to get their photographs taken.  She will work with each client to give them quality photography that also works within their budget.

Kathryn Pajela of Yummy Cake Delights
Bubbly Kathryn Pajela, proprietor of Yummy Cake Delights is Kahu Kalehua’s second guest wedding professional.  From when she was very young, Kathryn always loved baking and in time, she found her way into cake decorating.  The end result?  She creates extravagant cakes and cupcake towers for her clients – both wedding couples and those celebrating other occasions.

Her signature cake is a vintage vanilla with vanilla cream icing – sounds yummy just thinking about it.  Clients may order a different flavor in each level of a multi-tiered cake.  Or, if they’re really on a budget, they can order a single layer cake, or a multi-tiered cake with some of the layers being “dummy cakes”.  Kathryn asks that orders be placed 6 to 12 months in advance, so there is ample time to work with the client, design and then create a unique and beautiful cake for them.

Kathry’s bakery is in the Pacific Gateway Center, but she meets with clients at the Wedding CafĂ©.  As a special for Hawaii’s Wedding Professional viewers, she will offer a 10% discount off of any cake if the client mentions Kahu Kalehua’s show when ordering.  Mahalo Kathryn for the great offer

Want to be on the show, let me know!!

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