Monday, October 4, 2010

Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #14 on OC16 - Eventful Hawaii and Zap Cafe

Aloha wedding couples, wedding planners and other interested vendors!!
We are currently filming our first couple for the reality show scheduled to air on OC16 March 2011 with bigger surprises to follow. Know of any wedding couples who would like to be on the reality show, let me know (see below in pink for more info).

Here’s what our show can do for you.  Wedding couples – save up to 70% of your entire wedding expenses.  Wedding vendors and wedding planners – save up to 90% of costs for television, live streaming and 24/7 viewing access via OC16.  Hopefully, you’ve seen our show and see the quality and value in it.  Starting early next year, in addition to OC16 we plan to air the show on the west coast, once a week reaching 2.6 million homes for our destination weddings through ION Media who owns and operates the largest television station group in the US, reaching 98 million homes.  Join us!

We are proud to sponsor our third professional on Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals, Kalena Paty Photography for the month of October.  We are pleased to sponsor them with $6,700.00 worth of advertising on our television show on OC16 and will continue to support other companies or individuals by offering them sponsorships too!!

The gardens at Haleiwa Joe’s Seafood Grill is the backdrop for the first interview on Hawaii’s Wedding Professional’s Episode #14.  Many local residents know this location as Haiku Gardens in Kaneohe.  Host Kahu Kalehua Featheran chats with guest Kehau Volhein, lead wedding coordinator and owner of Eventful Hawaii in the gazebo that overlooks the pond at Haiku Gardens.

Kehau Volhein of Eventful Hawaii
Having begun filming for the upcoming (2011) wedding reality mini series, Kahu Kalehua has quickly come to appreciate the value and key role that a wedding coordinator/planner plays in a successful wedding day for the bride and groom.  From the real challenge of finding ways to create a dream wedding for a couple with limited finances to having a back up plan for inclement weather, Kehau’s experience and resourcefulness takes much of the stress out of the wedding day for the couple.

As an added treat, videographer Sam Owens was able to capture the Blue Angels, who were doing practice runs over Kaneohe on the day this interview was taped.

Kahu Kalehua’s second guest is Sandee Ashby, Chief Operating Office of Zap Café on the corner of McCully and Young Streets.  Sandee comes from a strong restaurant background, having owned Crepe Fever and Mocha Java in the Kakaako area previously and now Zap Café.  The restaurant is situated in the building that was once American Savings Bank.  Sandee retained the bank’s vault and small groups are able to use it as a special events room.  This is a great place to hold wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, as well as baby showers, birthday parties and so on.  An aloha to Celeste and the gang who allowed us to film their surprise baby shower at Zap!

Sandee Ashby of Zap Cafe
The menu at Zap is contemporary and innovative, with an island flair.  There is a signature pasta, that sounds so ono-licious as Sandee describes it that you can almost taste it.  And, a wonderful Chocolate Addict cake that looks so rich and sweet, but when you taste it, it’s just the right sweetness for the finale to a great dinner.

Show times are as follows:    Fridays at 6:30pm
Repeats:                                   Saturday 1:30pm
                                                  Mondays at 5:00pm
                                                  Tuesdays at 6:00am & 2:00pm
                                                  Fridays at 9:00am

Wanna be on the show, let me know!!

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