Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #12 on OC16 - Mea Pacific Traders and Samowens Unlimited

Aloha wedding couples, wedding planners and other interested vendors!!

Starting October 2010, we will be filming our version of Reality Weddings here in Hawaii and airing it on OC16 starting February 2011 with bigger surprises to follow.  Interested?  Let me know.  I just returned from Kauai and want to thank all of our vendors that came on our show.  I’m sorry we didn’t get to all of you that day but we will be back.  I was really surprised by the turnout.  Mahalo again, Kauai!!!  Maui, see you in October.

Here’s what our show will do for you.  Wedding couples – if you’re interested in saving up to 70% of your entire wedding expenses, then you need to get a hold of me.  Wedding vendors, especially wedding planners – if you would like to save up to 90% of television, live streaming and 24/7 viewing access via OC16, I can help you. Hopefully, you’ve seen our show and see the quality and value in it.  Starting early next year, in addition to OC16 we plan to air the show on the west coast, once a week reaching 2.6 million homes for our destination weddings through ION Media who owns and operates the largest television station group in the US, reaching 98 million homes.  Join us!

We are proud to sponsor our second professional on Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals, Dukes Limousine for the month of September.  We are pleased to sponsor them with $6,700.00 worth of advertising on our television show on OC16 and will continue to support other companies or individuals by offering them sponsorships too!!


Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #12 – Mea Pacific Traders and Samowens Unlimited

Maile Thompson, Mea Pacific Traders Unlimited
Viewers of Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Episode #12 are in for a treat as host, Kahu Kalehua Featheran opens this show by singing a few bars from songs about maile leis…a great lead in to introducing his first guest, Maile Thompson, General Manager of Mea Pacific Traders.  As you might guess by her name, Maile has been around maile leis since birth.  Her parents started a business of importing maile leis from the Cook Islands which are situated in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and New Zealand.

Maile shares the cultural significance of the maile lei, why they are used for significant events such as weddings, who wears them, where do the leis come from and how is the maile grown, and where viewers can find Cook Island maile leis.  Those who may be thinking of wearing maile leis for their wedding may find these answers valuable and interesting, so be sure to tune in and hear what Maile has to share.  As she speaks, viewers will see photos of maile leis being prepared by the people of Cook Island as well as one final charming closing photo.

Kahu Kalehua’s second guest has been involved in every Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals episode…from behind the camera.  He is Sam Owens of Samowens Unlimited and the lead videographer for the show.  Sam also does much of the editing for the interviews as well, but this week, we find him on the other side of the camera.

Sam Owens, Samowens Unlimited
Born in Hawaii and raised in Samoa, Sam has always found an outlet for his creativity in the arts; first as an artist, then as a photographer and now a videographer.  You may have seen Sam’s commercial on Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals – he doesn’t say a word but his camera tells the story of what he does.  One of Sam’s recent works is a music video for Pegasis Rising, a former guest on Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals.  He is also developing his photography and videography business and enjoys working with wedding couples on their special day.

A humble and soft spoken person, Sam’s dreams are not only for himself and his family, but also for the children of Samoa.  Sam has had many mentors and friends who have helped him through the years and this is why Sam would someday like share what he has learned with the children of Samoa; paying it forward and sharing with them other perspectives and opening up opportunities for them that they might not have otherwise considered.

Show times are as follows:    Fridays at 6:30pm
Repeats:                                   Saturdays at 12:30am & 1:30pm
                                                  Mondays at 5:00pm
                                                  Tuesdays at 6:00am & 2:00pm
                                                   Fridays at 9:00am

Wanna be on the show, let me know!!

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