Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paradise Pastries and Masako Formals & Island Wedding Gallery

Charity Schoenfeld of Paradise Pastries

Kumiko Agnes Okimoto and Gail Kaneshiro of
Masako Formals and Island Wedding Gallery

Tucked away in a business building just off of King Street and Kalakaua Avenue is the offices and bakery of Paradise Pastries.  Host Kahu Kalehua Featheran is welcomed by owner Charity Schoenfeld and her husband Kekoa (off camera).  Originally from Ohio, Charity came to Hawaii for college and although her major was in anthropology, her love for baking and cake decorating soon found her entering culinary school, developing her decorating skills and now co-owning this business, along with a friend.

Charity welcomes local clients on an appointment only basis and also does a lot of business with destination couples on the phone and on the internet.  For couples who have enough time to come in and meet with Charity, they can also participate in a cake tasting and have the opportunity for a free consultation.  In this age of computers, she said it’s quite common to get a photo of a cake design that the couple likes and to send contracts to the couple by email.  Some of the typical questions asked by couples are how far in advance to place the cake order ir what type of cake to order for an indoor or outdoor wedding (frosting vs fondant).  The largest cake that Paradise Pastries provided to a couple was a 7 or 8 tiered cake; they have also made a 24 tier wedding cake that was spread out and connected by bridges.

Paradise Pastries’ signature cake is a coconut and lilikoi cake – sounds delicious just thinking about it!  Charity can also provide cupcakes on a tiered stand, or a vegan cake, decorated cookies or chocolates – just part of the flexibility and talents of these wedding professionals.

Be sure to stay tuned to the end of this show, because you can see Charity decorating a simple but beautiful wedding cake! 

In business for 33 years, Masako Formals is a well known wedding professional in the Asian bridal market and Kahu Kalehua’s second guest.  Under the guidance of Gail Kaneshiro, who has an extensive background and years of experience in local and destination wedding planning, Masako Formals is expanding to include their Island Wedding Gallery, a one stop wedding resource for wedding couples.

Kahu Kalehua talks stories with Kumiko Agnes Okimoto, owner of Masako Formals and Gail Kaneshiro, manager of the Island Wedding Gallery.  Gail has brought together top notch wedding professionals, who believe in providing quality service and a memorable wedding experience for wedding couples.  From bridal gowns and tuxedos to wedding planners, photographers, caterers, florists and musicians, the Island Wedding Gallery can help wedding couples with all of their wedding resources.  As Gail shares information about the Island Wedding Gallery, viewers watch videos of brides in their wedding gowns, being helped by Pauline of Masako Formals.

There is a small but beautifully decorated Plumeria Chapel in the Masako Formals building and our cameras have some great shots of the Chapel.  Kahu Kalehua suggests this as an option if a couple is thinking of a simple ceremony with some photos, both at the Chapel and on the beach.

Masako Formals also offers a kimono service.  For brides who would like to honor their Japanese heritage, they can change out of their bridal gown and into a kimono for the reception and have photos taken in their kimono.  Kumiko is available to help the bride get properly dressed in a kimono…just one of the many services provided by Masako Formals and Island Wedding Gallery.  And, if you’re wondering, who is Masako and how did the business get their name, tune in to the show and hear Kumiko explain the origins of this name.

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