Friday, June 10, 2011

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #38 – Watanabe Floral and Koolau Ballrooms and Conference Center

 Steven Nagamine, Merri Ford and Debra Bohol of
Koolau Ballrooms and Conference Center  

Rona Mochizuki and Ann Goo of Watanabe Floral                                                                       
For this episode of Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals, host and producer Kahu Kalehua Featheran welcomes good friends and participant vendors on his wedding reality show, Down The Aisle On An Isle – Rona Mochizuki and Ann Goo from Watanabe Floral and Debra Bohol, Merri Ford and Steven Nagamine of Koolau Ballrooms and Conference Center.

As Kahu Kalehua mentions at the beginning of both interviews, his ego is being pampered by the presence of 4 lovely ladies, and let’s not leave out, one handsome gentleman.  First, we visit Watanabe Floral to meet Rona Mochizuki (Sales Manager) and Ann Goo (Design Center Manager).  Both were involved and instrumental in creating exquisite floral arrangements and floral pieces for Kahu Kalehua’s daughter, the bride on the Down The Aisle series.  As they explain the process that the bride goes through in meeting with them, selecting flowers and colors, seeing samples of the floral designs and finally having it all come together on the wedding day, viewers see excerpts of video clips from the Down The Aisle show. 

For the second interview, Kahu Kalehua and the camera crew travels to the windward side of the island, to Koolau Ballrooms and Conference Centers.  The two lovely ladies are the Event Services Managers, Debra Bohol and Merri Ford.  Debra and Merri invite people to come down to Koolau Ballrooms  and see the 3great venues for wedding ceremonies and 2 venues for receptions all have the awesome Koolau mountains and golf course as their backdrop. 

During the second half of the interview, Steven Nagamine, formerly the Event Services Manager for Cherie and Travis’ wedding, but now newly promoted to Sales Manager joins Kahu Kalehua and the ladies.  Steve is now involved in the marketing of Koolau Ballrooms and Conference Centers – watch for him at wedding expos and also the development of their social networking to include Facebook and Twitter. 

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