Friday, August 20, 2010

Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #8 on OC16 - White Doves of Koolau and Duke's Limousine

We are proud to sponsor our first professional for Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals “Paradise Cove” for the month of August. We are pleased to sponsor them with $6,700.00 worth of advertising on our television show on OC16 and will continue to support other companies or individuals by offering them sponsorships too!!


Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals Show #8

White Doves of Koolau
Host Kahu Kalehua Featheran opens Episode 8 with Dennis and Maureen Nakashima, owners of White Doves of Koolau.  The story of the origins and growth of White Doves of Koolau may be inspirational to those who found themselves suddenly without a job.  Maureen found herself in this situation and turned hubby’s hobby of raising these wonderful birds into a business that continues to grow today.

Viewers get to see what a typical dove release might look like and with the majestic Koolau mountain range in the background, this is a beautiful sight.  Kahu Kalehua and the Nakashima’s even get a visit from a baby shama thrush, who stopped by to share a song.  And, of course, Freddie joins “Mom and Dad” in the closing minutes of the interview to bid a fond aloha to the viewing audience – who’s Freddie?  Tune in and find out.

Duke's Limousine
We open the next interview with Kahu Kalehua Featheran waiting along the curbside at Magic Island as a custom-built lo-o-o-n-g white stretch (26 passenger) Hummer limousine draws near.  Who is the mystery guest inside of the limo?  Why it’s Tanya Tiet, Vice President of Duke’s Limousine. What an exciting feeling it will be to ride this Limo to your Wedding Ceremony!!

Along with the story of their origins, Tanya shares with Kalehua the benefits of riding in the Hummer and is now, one of the most popular choices of limos to ride.  Viewers also get to meet Duane Doctorello Laanui, who served as chauffeur this day.  To drive this vehicle, Duane needed to get a CDL license and though he maneuvers the Hummer with grace and ease, it does take special skills to do what he does.

Tanya and her staff take good care of the vehicles - for those who have never ridden in a limo before, there will be a number of photos of the interior of the vehicle as well as the exterior so you get a glimpse into how it feels to ride in style…just like the financially rich and famous.

Show times are as follows: Fridays at 6:30pm
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