Friday, August 13, 2010

Hawaii's Wedding Professionals Episode #7 on OC16 - Purotu Designs and Celebrity Tuxedos

We are proud to sponsor our first professional for Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals “Paradise Cove” for the month of August) we are pleased to sponsor them with $6,700.00 worth of advertising on our television show on OC16 and will continue to support other companies or individuals by offering them sponsorships too!!


Nalini and Manarii Gauthier, Purotu Designs
Host Kahu Kalehua Featheran welcomes Manarii and Nalini Gauthier of Purotu Designs as the first guests for this show.  This husband and wife team are the owners of a company who offer striking patterns and custom designed Tahitian wear, black pearl and shell jewelry and a Polynesian dance review for not only wedding couples but the general public as well.

The porte cochere of the now well known Wedding Cake home on Hawaii Loa Ridge is the background for this interview as Kahu Kalehua, along with Mana and Nalini model their Tahitian shirts and dress by Purotu Designs and display their elegant black pearl jewelry.  Viewers learn about how Purotu Designs began and the products and services they offer, with an emphasis on wedding related items.  Nalini works with each couple to find just the right outfit and matching jewelry and accessories for the bride and groom and their wedding party.

Ron Bongiovanni, Celebrity Tuxedos
In the second interview of this seventh show, Kahu Kalehua greets a dear friend, Ron Bongiovanni, owner of Celebrity Tuxedos at the Ala Moana Sears store.  Ron shows Kalehua the various “name” brands of tuxedos that the store carries such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein and the largest selection of colors to choose from to accent the tuxedos as viewers see models wearing some popular selections.

In speaking about marriage, Ron emphasizes that for a couple, although wearing formal clothing adds to the specialness of the event, it is the ceremony that they will remember as the years go by.  Kahu Kalehua couldn’t agree with Ron more for he also shares this sentiment with many wedding couples.

Celebrity Tuxedos has a Blessed to Bless program whereby, Ron explains “Through His grace we receive, and through His grace we joyfully give 10% of the tuxedo proceeds booked with us to the church at which your ceremony is performed or your home church.  Mahalo for celebrating with us!”  As can be seen, this company has a depth to their philosophy of doing business that have pleasantly surprised many of their recipients, Kahu Kalehua included.

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