Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals in HD Show #216 Stream It Live Online and Mana’o I’o

David Kupono Fong of Stream It Live Online

Eileen Abe and Roo of Mana'o I'o
Show Times on OC16
Premiers:  Friday, December 16 at 6:30 pm
Repeats:  Saturday, December 17 at 12:30 am 
Sunday, December 18 at 1pm  
Monday, December 19 at 11:30am
Thursday, December 22 at 10:00 am
Friday, December 23 at 5:00am

Can you really call it work if you get to wear aloha shirts and shorts on the job and your office is Sandy Beach?  Well you can if you’re David Kupono Fong and Host Kahu Kalehua Featheran!

Sandy Beach is where Kupono and his beautiful wife, Ciera got married in a sunrise ceremony 2 years ago, and did their first live stream to family and friends away from Hawaii.  Encouraged by the feedback of family and friends, they took a leap of faith and started Stream It Live Online.  Their clients include wedding couples, people celebrating special events, military personnel away from home, and businesses.  The broadcast being filmed by battery operated, mobile equipment can be seen by anyone around the world who has internet access.  It can be pass-word protected or not and the exciting news is that people with Android or Apple IOS devices can also pick up the broadcast on their cell phones!

Kahu Kalehua’s second guest is long-time friend and business partner, Eileen Abe of Mana’o I’o (fine hand crafted products for weddings and all occasions) and Italian Greyhound, Roo.  Why would a bride order a silk bouquet instead of fresh flowers?  It’s so they can toss their fresh floral bouquet at the reception and keep their silk bouquet as a momento of their special day.  And, if they want a special gift or wish to add tradition to their event, a kahili is a good idea.  Often connected in the past with royalty, kahilis could be identified by design with different families.  Eileen creates the kahilis in traditional or updated designs to fit every occasion. 

“Hawaii’s Weddings Professionals” TV show, currently on OC16 also airs also every Saturday and Sunday mornings on ION Television in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Seattle. A total of 5 million homes for Destination Weddings and Visitor industry!!  Thanks to all who made this possible; OC16, Consolidated Theatre, Ion Media, (positively entertaining), Screenvision Direct, our film crew and members of , our newest wedding and event resource center.  

3,620 Honey look commercials are playing each month, every month, on every screen, before every movie, 26 total screens at Consolidated Ward, Kahului and Kihei Maui Theater’s, Click here and here to view past 150 shows!! Watch for the opening of our new Aloha Wedding Resource Center near Ala Moana Shopping Center as we partner with one of our generous members allowing us to make this happen. Stay tuned!!

Become a member; contact me, or (808) 554-9215.

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