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Down the Aisle on an Isle - Travis and Cherie - Shows1 & 2



                                                                                                                                                            Cherie and Travis

Congratulations “TRAVIS and CHERIE”, our first reality show couple Married Feb 27 2011 @
Koolau Ballroom and Conference Center!!!

 To all participating Vendors for our first Reality show “Down the Aisle on an Isle.” MAHALO for all your support. The Show airs over 40 times every Saturday and Sunday starting Saturday  April 2, 2:30-3:30pm & Sunday 4-5pm  plus multiple airings during each week of April with each vendor averaging 17-90 minutes of television airtime to strut their stuff thanks to OC16, Exclusively on Time Warner Cable!!  Awesome exposure for all of you!! See below for show times as they differ from the usual schedule.

DOWN THE AISLE ON AN ISLE – Travis and Cherie - Show #1

Kahu Kalehua Featheran, Host and Producer of Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals introduces viewers to a 4 week mini-series called DOWN THE AISLE ON AN ISLE, where the HWP camera followed a wedding couple, Travis (from the west/Waianae) and Cherie (from the east/Kailua) through their six months of planning for their wedding day.  The series concludes with the wedding day preparation, wedding ceremony and reception highlights.  You will meet Travis and Cherie and get to know them better each week, as the cameras film their commentary for each wedding professional and the services they provide.

As a natural progression of Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals, DOWN THE AISLE ON AN ISLE showcases 16 wedding pros, many who have been on HWP interviews before, actually providing Travis and Cherie with their wedding products and services to create a memorable wedding day. 

Featured in this first episode is Darcie Wharton, wedding planner and owner of Royal Weddings by Lavender.  As one of her services, Darcie accompanies Travis and Cherie to their preliminary meeting with Steven Nagamine of Koolau Ballrooms and Conference Center, Watanabe Floral, Hawaiianpix Digital Photography Services and Celebrity Tuxedos.  She begins by meeting with the couple and together, filling out a questionnaire so she has a good idea of the couple’s wishes as well as keeping their budget in mind.  Darcie also provides helpful suggestions, answers questions and obtains details from Travis and Cherie that she will keep in mind throughout the next 6 months.  As an example, Darcie explains the difference between an ultra formal, formal and semi-formal style for their wedding – tune in to this show to find out what these differences are and what Travis and Cherie picked for their wedding.

One of the most important elements of any wedding planning is the venue for the ceremony and reception.  Many times, the venue has to be secured before any of the other planning takes place.  Travis and Cherie made inquiries at different venues, but liked Koolau Ballrooms and Conference Center – once you see the property and facilities, you can see why this is a great choice.  They made an appointment with Event Services Manager, Steven Nagamine, to do a site inspection with Darcie and then to secure the wedding date.  Steve takes the couple to the main lobby, which transforms into one of several beautiful ceremony sites – this area is called the Indoor Waterfall and Steve explains why it has this name.

In many weddings, the floral budget is one of the top 3 expenses in planning a wedding.  And, the next wedding pro, Watanabe Floral can provide all of the wedding couple’s floral needs - leis, archways, aisle decorations, centerpieces and bouquets to enhance the experience for the bridal party, family and friends as well as the ambiance of the venue.  Darcie accompanies Cherie to meet with Rona Mochizuki, Sales Manager/Wedding Consultant at Watanabe Florals.  Cherie also filled out a client questionnaire so that colors, type of flowers, style of décor could all be discussed and planned.  We’ll see more of Watanabe and the other vendors in future DOWN THE AISLE ON AN ISLE shows.

With all they envision for their wedding day, Travis and Cherie wanted to have both photographs and video taken of their wedding.  Jerry Omo at Hawaiianpix Digital Photography Services and Julian Gilliam of 10th Letter Media were the two wedding pros that the couple decided to hire.  With Travis unable to meet because of work, Cherie meets with both vendors to discuss what they would like for their wedding day.  With Jerry, Cherie discusses pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception photos and Jerry gets a good idea during this preliminary discussion.  The same is true with Julian, as he discusses the various packages he offers and explains which is the most popular with wedding couples.  With the video package that Cherie is interested in, Julian explains  that there is a edited highlight reel as well as a fully edited DVD; the highlight reel being the one that can be watched by friends and family.  Cherie asks both of these vendors some interesting questions, which couples who are viewing the show may be asking themselves.

Finally, this episode concludes with Travis and Cherie at Celebrity Tuxedos with Kahu Kalehua and Darcie.  Store Operations Manager, Christopher Wright is on hand to greet everyone and to get an idea of the style and color of the tuxedo that Travis is thinking about for himself and his men.  What color did Travis pick and why?  Tune in and find out.

Special thanks to Doug Fitch for the use of his original composition, “Always Love” for the opening sequence of this show.

DOWN THE AISLE ON AN ISLE – Travis and Cherie -Show #2

We open this episode with the continuation of a meeting for Travis and Cherie with Darcie Wharton of Royal Weddings by Lavender, their wedding planner or coordinator.  Discussions in this segment include selecting an indoor or outdoor site, the budget for the wedding and discussing other wedding vendors they may need to hire.  Viewers can see the degree of detail that goes into planning a wedding as they listen to the discussion topics between Darcie and the couple.

With both bride and groom coming from large families, but having a limited budget, David (Kupono) and Cherie Fong’s company, Stream It Live Online provided a solution for Travis and Cherie.  Their SILO-cast is a live video webcast that enables family and friends to view the ceremony as it occurs – see’s how.  The couple receives an E-Invitation, which they can forward to those they wish to invite to the online video; it is secured with a user name and password so only those with the E-Invitation can log on.  They even provide time zone conversions so invited viewers don’t have to guess on when to log on.  And as a bonus, the SILO-cast is left on the site for a time so those who wish to replay it can do so with video-on-demand.  How great is that?

When you have 4 bridesmaids with different ideas of what a nice gown would look like, what do you do?  You go to Masako Formals – they have a huge inventory of gowns in many different colors and styles from which to choose from.  Watch as the ladies narrow their choice to 2 gowns and Kawehi and Yoni model them for you.  Stay tuned to see which gown was finally selected…and of course, in Cherie’s favorite color FUSCHIA!!!

Brides, would you like to get ready on your wedding day at a beautiful estate on the beach?  Cherie and her ladies were fortunate enough to arrange for such a location at Oceanfront Oasis, near Hawaii Loa Ridge.  Kahu Kalehua greets Justin Panoke, the Estate Executive for this property and a prior guest of Hawaii’s Wedding Professionals.  The beach front estate is a great location for a wedding or special event and it even welcomes dogs.  Cherie is welcomed by Marketing Executive Mirasol Domingo, who shows her around the estate and facilities.

Back to the site inspection at Koolau Ballrooms…the couple, Steve and Darcie see the Glass Ballroom with it’s breath-taking background of the Koolau mountain range and golf course.  This day, Director of Operations, Norman Higashi was also on hand to meet the couple, as Steve points out the areas for the head table, slide show, dance floor and the options the couple can select for napkin color and chair covers, to name a few.

Cherie is glad to hear that Jerry Omo of Hawaiianpix Digital Photography Services is familiar with Koolau Ballrooms.  With the ceremony being in-doors, he reassures Cherie that the lighting is good, there’s no wind or rain to contend with, but to also consider outdoor shots because of the beauty of the property.  For the formal photos of family, he asked for a list of people that the couple would like to have photographs with so no one is missed.  With their large families, of the 120 guests, about 60 of them are immediate family members so that’s a lot of photos!

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